If you want recognition and visibility at your workplace, you must be willing to do what no one else is doing!

We may be working very hard at our workplace, and we sometimes feel we are not recognized enough. The key reasons probably are:

1. We are working hard on things that are not so important right now for the organization. We must listen without bias and judgement during meetings for challenges that are current and burning. You may not know how to solve them, but what counts is your attitude to take them on and then figure out how to solve them.

Saying “Yes” to such challenges takes courage. Rewards come to those who are willing to take risks.

2. Most big challenges require teamwork. For teamwork, we must keep aside “what’s in it for me?”. People can make out very quickly if you are more concerned about yourself and your visibility and how much credit you will receive in this project. You must be able to focus on the challenge and task at hand and give your best.

If you have given your best, you will automatically find yourself talking and pitching your thoughts and ideas when the opportunity comes.

3. Humility vs Outspokenness. I have seen some leaders choose humility and staying silent, expecting others to talk about them. In today’s world, if you will not talk about your contribution, there is a very rare chance someone else will. And yet, one has to ensure one is not sounding boastful.

Humility and giving acknowledgement where it is due helps you win friends who are willing to collaborate with you in future endeavours.

Finding the right balance between things takes time and a few iterations. It’s good to experiment and see what works best for you in your organisation.

Yet what has worked in the past may not hold in the future. So keep experimenting and trying new things.

Life is all about learning and growing.

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