Cracking your Much Deserved Promotion!

Kishore shares from his personal experience of over 22 years You may be at any level of the leadership, this article will help you scan and zero-in on the leadership traits as well as other aspects which become so crucial to getting yourself to move to the next level.   

Barriers to Growth


Do you feel you are constrained in life? You would like to do and achieve so much more in life, but no matter how hard you try, it only seems to move further away from you? Whether it is career or business growth, health, money or relationships.

I would like to believe that we are born limitless. A child dreams big. No constraints. But as we grow up, we acquire certain beliefs that start to shape our thought process. And this thought process gives us the thoughts of what we can do and what we cannot. Our past experiences and the emotions associated with our past attempts, start to define what we are capable of and what we cannot achieve. We start to give up on many of the dreams which we really wanted to pursue.

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