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Do You Ever Wonder What Holds You From What You Want In Life?

Maybe you’re not really that behind in your business or career but you feel you are not hitting your true potential. And that you can do far more and go far beyond where you are. And you wonder what is missing. What is it that you need to do more.


You dreamt of creating an outstanding work environment, and you progressed well, yet its far from where you think it ought to be! And you want to discover what else and how else.

Maybe you are well off financially- but you’re still far from financial freedom, you’re not hitting your financial goals fast enough, and you still worry about money, a little too often.

Or maybe you’re not unhealthy - but you still struggle with some health issues like fatigue, sometimes pain, excess weight, or premature aging, and you wish to bounce back to your youthful glory and go beyond. 

Or although you’re surrounded by people you love - yet you are tolerating and surviving a few relationships, and you wish you had deeper, more authentic relationships with your friends and family.


If any of this describes you, you might sometimes wonder: “What’s Really Holding Me Back?”

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Many people assume they're just not working hard enough

Or that they’re not lucky or smart enough, or even that they have something big lacking in them. But that’s not the real reason.


The real reason is that your mind has been programmed by society - the media, your mentors, your friends, even your parents - to live your life in a comfort zone, that is disconnected from your true abundant potential. 


The truth is that it is not easy to break your own mental barriers and reprogram yourself just by reading self-help books.


But thanks to the latest breakthroughs in leading-edge neuroscience, and quantum physics and one-on-one coaching, this is now within your reach at a very affordable price.

Blue Limbo

Did You Know That Your Brain Can Reprogram Itself –

And Literally Change Who You Are!

You may have tried some programs before but:

  • You noticed some positive change, but quickly fell back into your old patterns.

  • Or you may have not even experienced any noticeable results whatsoever.


The reason this happens is because most mind reprogramming modalities - even the ones that promise “deep” transformation - rarely dig deep enough into your neurological makeup to reveal what’s really holding you back in life, or how to overcome it.


And so despite your best efforts, you still wind up frustrated and stuck in your own mental prison - with no clear escape from the growth issues or financial burdens, health issues, or relationship crises which are weighing you down. 

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Transform your Life with Extraordinary Results Program

Our acclaimed “Extra-ordinary Results Program” solves exactly these issues by taking you to the root cause of your personal challenges, and systematically deleting them from every corner of your subconscious mind.


The result is life-changing transformation, from the inside out. And the freedom to finally receive the abundance you deserve in every area of life.


The ERP empowers you with the full benefits of this remarkable subconscious reprogramming methodology. And the best part is it is delivered personally by the creator himself – Kishore Chainani.

Its highly optimised curriculum rewards you with nearly-instant results, comparable to what would normally take years (and lacs of rupees) for private one-on-one sessions.

What you experience is profound personal transformation on a cellular level which actually triggers the creation of new empowering neural pathways in your mind.

These in turn allow you to automatically channel new positive habits, thoughts, and emotions that shape you into the person you want to be.

Even past traumas and unwanted external influences are erased, giving you true freedom to design a life of abundant growth, joy, fulfilment, and wellbeing.



“I recommend this course to minds of all levels!”

“In the midst of the early stages of my own transformation and journey, meditating and learning to surrender, my awareness was ascending and I wanted to cultivate clarity of mind and have an abundance mindset. I knew that to become an abundant person, it’d be important to learn what an abundant person thinks like. And then someone told me about this ERP program and I immediately took it up! Since then my life hasn’t been the same!”


Blue Limbo




You are feeling abundant in every area of life. 


You’re now experiencing amazing opportunities and positive outcomes in every dimension of your life - from your health and wealth, to your career and relationships. That feeling of “something holding you back" is now a distant memory.

Blue Limbo


You are at peace and you move with ease and grace.


Fears, anxieties, and past traumas are melting away and no longer hold you. The vast majority of your time is spent in a default state of joy and calmness. And even when unexpected difficulties arise, you’re able to navigate them with confidence and clarity.


You’ve transformed your financial reality. 

Blue Limbo


All your old money issues and patterns are now disappearing - and you no longer hold yourself back from asking for what you are worth. You are now investing in the right places, and spending on what brings you joy.


You are now building limitless self-confidence. 


You are now fearlessly applying your abilities to play a bigger role in life and make a bigger impact. Whether it’s that new career, that new skill, or that dream that once seemed “impossible” - you’re propelled forward by a sense of unshakable self-confidence.

Blue Limbo


Your friends and family notice something different about you: you’re now a better listener and communicator, with a knack for making anyone feel important and appreciated. Conflicts are quickly resolved before they escalate. You can feel that trust and authenticity come naturally to you.


You’re enjoying a passionate love life with your life partner as you have now developed a deeper understanding of human beings, their emotions, and their behaviours.


You are now discovering the true meaning of life by working towards your purpose and passion which is deeply fulfilling and rewarding for you. 

Blue Limbo


At work, you are attracting your dream clients and your dream team. Your customers acknowledge and appreciate your offerings and hold them in high regard. You are able to create a highly motivated team. 


Your unleashed confidence, charisma, and authenticity are rewarding you with amazing, deep and fulfilling relationships at home and at work. You’re enjoying the deepest, most meaningful connections a human being can have.


Your relationships are growing stronger than ever, everyday.  

Blue Limbo


You are now loving yourself unconditionally. 


Your sense of self-love and acceptance is no longer tied to the judgment of others. Your sense of self-worth is not determined by your success or failure on any given day. You wake up every day feeling whole, complete and at peace with yourself. Whatever is going on around you doesn't pull you down anymore.


Your health and overall well-being is on an upward spiral. You are eating nourishing meals every day, working out on a regular basis, and feeling more youthful and energised than ever before. What used to sometimes feel like a drag is now effortless, because your mind automatically chooses what’s best for your health.



“Kishore gets to the root of the issue. He helped me get rid of my Claustrophobia. I couldn’t get into a lift, couldn’t sit on the window seat of an aeroplane. Now I went to the end of Vaishno-devi temple in the middle of a huge crowd and did scuba-diving in Goa, which was unthinkable for me!”


Here’s what Punita Dave, Head of Learning and Development, American Infosource Business Solutions, had to say “ERP with Kishore is an absolute essential program for executives to CXO’s. The amalgamation of knowledge and coaching brings about implicit transformation and explicit behaviour change. Whenever I seek answers, Kishore with his vast experience and intelligence connected the dots so well that I could find all the answers within. It wasn’t just me, the whole group of ERP July 2020 batch is a testimony to this. I feel coaches of this stature are hard to find. Now that I have found one, I am going to keep!”


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