Congratulations on taking the First Step!

“A thousand mile journey begins with the first step”,  so says an old Chinese proverb!What I can promise you is that this is not a thousand step journey!  It’s much shorter, much easier and much simpler than you think! When we do not know something, it appears complex and challenging! When we know it, it is easy and simple!

I have been there and done that! So it’s easy for me! And then I have mastered the art of making it easy and simple for others too!


I have been Head of Training for Genpact Banking vertical globally, responsible for over 12,000 people’s learning and development! And I am a certified Neuroscience specialist, NLP Master practitioner, BNI Regional Director for Training, awarded best Training Director, twice in a row, 2018 and 2019! I am also ACC certified life coach from International Coaching Federation USA. And Fellow of Life Office Management Association, USA.


So just trust me! And just be with me, and I am there for you on each and every step! To handhold you through the journey! And if you do not get the desired results at the end of the journey, then you can hold me accountable! I am there! Always! That’s my promise to you!


All you need to do as step two is to setup a reminder for 20th September 10:45 AM sharp! So you DO NOT MISS THIS under any circumstances!


Various thoughts and reasons will come to your mind, which may stop you!

“Is this really what it is!”

“I don’t think it is possible”

“All they are trying to do is sell me something”

“I know what they will say”


My humble request is, DO NOT FALL FOR SUCH THOUGHTS! They have been stopping you from your MAGICAL JOURNEY, and they will keep coming! Let them come and go! You please move forward and have trust! This is not just another masterclass!



Just remember that! And you will see for yourself!

Have you set the reminder in your mobile? Please do it right away!

See you on 20th September, Sunday, sharp 10:45 AM!

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