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A Quest With Renowned Neuroscience specialist Kishore Chainani


Introducing The Extra-ordinary Results Program (ERP) - Permanently Dissolve The Subconscious Limiting Beliefs which stand in the way of Greater Growth, Health, Wealth & Love!

Get practical access to leadership competencies to creating and designing a dream workplace!


There are three levels of the program which take you deeper and higher. Every level of the program has the following for each leader:

16 hours of Training (Live Interactive Workshop)

4 Hours of One on One Coaching (With a personal coach)



We will work with you personally to cause inner most shift in you.

If you are struggling with a relationship, could be your son, your daughter, your spouse, your parent, your partner at work or anyone else. This is causing you stress, heart-ache, pain, frustration and maybe even anxiety and depression. How would it be if this relationship became a blessing? One of the strongest relationship that you could count on for your life-time!


This is the power of Neuroscience based coaching. It will completely shift your perspective and how you look at it. You will feel the difference in your actual practical living. The response of the other person towards you will change!

Because how you now look at the other person has changed.


We will handhold you through this complete process over a period of 3 to 9 months. You will experience blissful connection. Your energy will be very different. You will love life and its experiences.

Happy Office Talk


Conducted in small groups of 5-15 people, online or face to face.

You wish your team could work together better?

There is struggle and blame, leading to stress, fear and anxiety. Business suffers as a result.


How would it be if the team could all could work together with amazing bonding and camaraderie? They support each other even if someone did something wrong! They stand for each other in tough times. Providing much needed emotional support and motivation. Empathy. Connect. Deep friendships.


All this is possible.

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