One-on-one Coaching

Kishore works with select leaders one-on-one to support them in overcoming challenges related to:

  • Transitioning into new roles
  • Developing high-potential leaders for their next level

Key challenges faced by a leader

  • Leading in the face of change
  • Developing yourself for the next level
  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Overcoming personal past
  • Team-work and Camaraderie

Case Studies

A senior VP, head of projects for a CEMENT major, risen from the ranks, 25 years in the company, a strong mindset of an achiever “I can get anything done”

He realized that while this belief has gotten him to where he is, but it stands in the way of him becoming the CEO of the company.

During the next 12 months of his one-on-one coaching he looked at all his behaviors that were alienating him from his peers. He identified his beliefs and thought patterns that were giving rise to these behaviors and worked to create new beliefs and forwarding patterns for new desired behaviors. In about 18 months, he was announced as the CEO designate.

“I was amazed how could I have missed seeing this for myself for so long!”
“I wonder how Kishore can turnaround someone’s thinking, I mean this was a complete shift!”

Head of SALES SUPPORT for a STEEL MAJOR, a very vintage employee with retirement just a few years away

Role Change. All of the sales support team role had to change to that of Sales. His buy-in was critical for this change initiative to be successful as he shared a very strong relationship with his team.

Within three months of coaching, he saw that he had lost hope with nothing new to look forward to in his career. When he could see possibility of another successful challenge to be overcome, he felt a new energy within him. He became the biggest supporter of this change initiative. He came up with some creative new ideas that propelled the company to open some new revenue lines with the same clients.

“I could open up completely with Kishore, felt so safe and comfortable, spoke all my fears, and they all got addressed”

High potential, diverse senior leader in a fortune 500

Relationships were not going the way she ideally wanted, both personal and professional. Leading to frustration, frequent emotional outbursts, further impacting her career growth and peace of mind.

In six months, significant positive inner most shift. She herself experiences massive movement from where she was to where she is now, the change was also noticed and positively commented upon by team-members, peers as well as her bosses. She is now completely at ease, at peace, enjoys her work, connects extremely well with her team and her key stakeholders. This has led to significant upside in revenue for the business she heads. She finds relationships at home far more meaningful and fulfilling.

From Boss: “Never imagined this could be possible”
From Candidate: “The external to internal shift has been so great for me, I feel total inner peace and bliss, so much calm within myself, feel great about the possibilities of the human spirit!”