The Biggest Role of a Leader is to Develop other Leaders

As a leader, we should ideally be able to turn around the performance of just about anyone. We should know and have access to all the possible tools and techniques to be able to do so. With recent developments in understanding of the human psyche and what drives and motivates people, there are some new approaches that have emerged to turn around performance. What are some barriers to performance? Deeper fears & insecurities stop people from taking risks or doing something new. With rapid change in environment, openness to experiment with new has become critical. A leaders ability to understand the fears of his team members can enable him to have conversations to address these fears. Lack of vision to a brighter future comes from multiple attempts and failures. People lose hope. A leader who understands this can help create a new picture of a future that is truly inspiring for his team. Beliefs of unworthiness are deeper and come from the way we have been brought up since childhood. Frequent reprimands and inability to handle emotions on the part of parents leads to beliefs like “I am not good enough” or not worthy enough. This also reflects as inability to communicate freely. Leaders who understand this build trust and confidence by bringing focus on accomplishments and proper acknowledgement. What has been your experience in handling non-performance at your work-place? What have you tried that has worked wonders? When do you decide to let go?

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